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Anna and Chloe formed SyrennA in the summer of 2015.

Classically trained at Trinity College of Music, Chloe spent years on different musical paths from Classical to Musical Theatre,Pop, Rock, Soul and Jazz Funk. Never quite satisfied, she regained her love for song writing and was able to combine different genres and release the lyrics, melodies and chords that had been floating around, but had not quite reached the surface...

Anna is originally from Greece and after learning the basics on guitar from Paul Wassif, she continued to teach herself by studying her idols: Hendrix, AC/DC, Queen, Ramones, Lucy Rose,and Keaton Henson to name a just few... She has always composed music from a young age and finally found somewhere to anchor her talents when she met Chloe.

They instantly made waves when Anna re- arranged Chloe's guitar compositions for their current EP and they have since written material together for relase next year.

Acoustic EP 'Off the Rocks' is out NOW on itunes, Apple Music, Amazon music , Spotify and Deezer.

Live Shows

Due to commitments, we are only taking on a few bookings until May 2018.

For Booking enquiries please use the contact page.

Acoustic EP 'Off the Rocks' is out NOW on itunes, Apple Music, Amazon music , Spotify and Deezer.

"Our music is sometimes serene and tranquil Like the calm of the sea, but ready to surprise and corrupt with the crashing of the waves at any given moment.The pain shines through the lyrics like the beams of light through a small opening in an underwater cave and the melody conveys a disheartened soul, who however is always hopeful, like the Siren who adores her sea world but longs to experience life on the shore" - SyrennA 


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